My name is Natasha Bagchi, and I want to represent you on the Horsham Council.  

15 years ago my husband and I built our first home here in Horsham because this community was we wanted to raise our children.  Unfortunately, since then, we watched Horsham lose ground as neighboring townships kept building more, advancing more, retaining business and even enticing some current Horsham businesses to move to their community. We've watched as their schools have achieved excellence and the residents have more services and opportunities. Horsham leaders are still gloating about being recognized as "one of the best places to live in America"- except that was in 2013!  Our council has made little progress since 2013 to keep Horsham steady and strong.

Our Naval Air Base is deteriorating everyday; the base has caused our water to be laced with toxic chemicals and outrageously, we are each paying to clean it; most of our commercial spaces are outdated and unattractive; our walking score is a nonexistent 23; our school district is disappointingly ranked 180th out of 603 in the state....  We've all watched as council continues to make decisions in a vacuum and now Horsham has fallen behind!  

Horsham residents deserve better!

It's time to stop watching and do something,

that is why I am running for Horsham Council.

The first thing I would do is create a council that is transparent and accessible for the community.  Horsham residents deserve to have a clear idea on the planning, goals and projects that the council is working on.  

If you allow me to serve and represent you in council, I will open the doors to transparency, create an inclusive mindset so that YOUR voice is heard and I will make sure that all decisions and plans are easy to find on the website- I will not let technology be the excuse to hide decisions! 

In addition to transparency, I want to focus on the areas were we have the greatest opportunities to improve Horsham Township.    

Let's rethink economy:  I want to  reduce the tax burden on residents by incentivizing businesses to commit in Horsham and grow even more in Horsham.  We need to be more strategic about development and not throw away opportunities where there could be a positive impact for residents. 

Let's rejuvenate Horsham:  With diligent planning and a whole lot of outlook, we can push for progress and modernize Horsham by leveraging existing resources, adding bike lanes on streets and, build sidewalks to increase our walk score; perhaps we can expand our development focus not just on 55+ communities but also the Millennials and come up with housing and community places that are attractive to them.  It's time we start appealing to the young generation because they are the future of Horsham.

Let's get shovels in the ground at the Naval Base:  The base is an eye sore and is the cause of our toxic drinking water, I have proven ideas to accelerate the remediation so that we don't have to rely on water filters forever, and we can launch the NAS-JRB Willow Grove Redevelopment Plan, generating powerful revenue for community reinvestment. 

Let's get students in control: I want to help empower the student population to demand the school district meet higher expectations of academic excellence and compete with our neighboring districts, our students deserve better

Let's increase the value of our property:  By becoming a go-to city for new residences and businesses, we can finally start seeing our house values increase at the same rate (or even better) as those in our neighboring communities

Let's be a welcoming community:  Studies show that communities enriched with a diverse population tend to have better schools and higher median incomes, I want to develop ways to attract new residents and grow our diversity population and enrich the culture of Horsham.

We all start winning!

I am running for council because I care about Horsham and I believe I can make Horsham more holistically attractive for everyone.  By profession, I am a global marketer and making things and places attractive is what I do!

  • I am a soccer mom, swim mom, basketball mom, and an organic CSA share holder- all right here in Horsham
  • I have 20 years of professional experience and successfully navigated complex organizations burdened with bureaucracy and heavy with regulations, and I can navigate Horsham too 
  • I have managed budgets in the tens of millions
  • I know how to brand and sell and I have a proven track record of getting things done
  • I am an activist that believes every child deserves to live in a safe and wholesome community, no matter what  

As your council member, I will work collaboratively and rapidly across the Township to pick up the pace and move us all forward.

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